nwjEnterprises, LLC
What is nwjEnterprises?

nwjEnterprises is what Nina and James are calling their current business ventures.  The nwj part is a reference to our monogram, and the logo is a refresh of the logo from our wedding.


We are currently operating on a number of fronts.


nwjProperties operates a short-term rental property in San Francisco and is looking for additional rental opportunities in the course of our travels.


Structural Bluetape is our creative products division.  We specialize in using maker tools and labs to create exciting products.  Structural Bluetape's current project is called madeItWare, the purpose of which is to explore maker labs around the world, and create local products locally with a focus on maps.


As we travel, we'll be reporting on all of the action in the nwjEnterprises blog, and because #NinaKnowsNice, she'll be telling you if the places we visit are #LuxeOrBucks.